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Best friends since high school, who have both gravitated towards careers to serve people. One of us delivers babies and the other one teaches them, we figured with one working three days a week and the other having weekends and summers off, why not serve people in a different capacity! One where we can still be personable, professional, and attentive and utilize our skillsets of sterilization (everyone likes a clean glass), people's skills, and cater to wholesome experiences of fun and pleasure, absent of discipline (teaching) and high-risk (healthcare). So together these high school friends, decided to set high expectations for themselves within the realm of bartending, and then Quality On the Rocks came to be! So grant us the opportunity to bring the same warmth that we bring into our classroom and patient room into your safe space and care for you!

About Us:
The Full Story

  • Basset Certified 

  • Professionally Trained

  • Signature Drinks OK!

  • We only serve 21+ 

Meet the Team



"Teaching Kids by Day

 Pouring for Parents by Night"




"Delivering Babies by Day

Bartending for Nurses by Night"

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